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Living Longer 2

Longevity: The Newest Killer

Longevity is like a coin toss. There’s a winner and a loser.  Living longer, represents the heads side.  Living longer with good quality of life is desirable.  Heads up!  The flip side, tails, is a negative because American’s are not prepared for it.  Why not?  There are many reasons!  Citizens generally are not saving and […]

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Crowd Funding – Is it the next big thing?

What exactly is it anyway? Crowdfunding (also known as hyper funding and micro financing) is where many small investors pool their resources, enjoying the same or similar results of much larger investors, private equity and large scale fundraising.   This concept allows small entrepreneurs throughout the world the ability to raise funds and compete more […]

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financially fit 2

July- Get “$” Fit Challenge

Currency: The constant costume change. When we think of money we think of its buying power, but never really what it looks like or whose face is on it. Bills and coins each have their own distinct designs and facial portraits. These characteristics are some of the most original art works of the United States. […]

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Money House

What To Do Before You’re 30!

The Millennials are known for many things, but having their financial house in order by the time they are 30 is not one of them. Millennials can get there by following easy steps. One easy step is to have a year’s salary invested in a retirement plan.  I always say you should put at least […]

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