Don’t Be Boring!

 Don’t be boring.

Words to live by.  At least they are in the blog world.

Blogging is a great way to learn from industry experts, stay abreast of current thought leaders and identify new trends. As you may already know there are blogs out there in the blogosphere about every subject imaginable. You guessed it… there are even blogs on blogging!

I love the RSS Feed app on my portable gadgets. It makes for an efficient way to catch up on the many blogs I follow whenever I have a few minutes. It’s also free. Life comes at us fast.  Like most people these days, I like things that I can absorb in small snippets of time.

I have many favorites. When my mom was first diagnosed with Alzheimer’s I started following many Alzheimer’s and Dementia related blogs. It is comforting to learn from others who are    dealing with similar situations. My husband is a self-professed car guy.  He reads blogs about cars and car care. Did you know there were how-to blogs about car wax? I thought it was as simple as  wax on – wax offWho knew?

Sara and I thought blogging would be a good way to deepen our relationships and connect on a personal level with our subscribers; a mix of family, friends, clients and business contacts, by sharing information related to the world of finance and financial planning. We provide a little education along the way. Our work in the financial planning and investment management profession involves a great deal of continuing education.  We attend at least 80 hours of CE each and every year. We also have access to many industry publications including books, newsletters, magazines, blogs and seminars offered by hundreds of different industry experts and thought leaders. We read a lot and do a lot of research on behalf of our clients. Our blog is a way to share some this with you.

A reader recently asked me how we decide what to write about. I told them that we want new readers to get to know us and grow to trust us. So we write about things that we care about and things our clients care about and things clients ask us about. We figure if one client is asking us about something then it is probably safe to assume that it’s of interest to others.  Would you agree?

Over the years we have encountered much variety in regard to client situations and financial scenarios. We are constantly learning as our business evolves and the markets change. When we encounter information that we think will help you and your loved ones, as you navigate the many decisions impacting your financial life, we like to share it.  Life is difficult enough without having to repeat the same lessons over and over again. Why not learn the pros and cons, the good and the bad, what works and what doesn’t from those who have walked this road before?

Before starting along this journey I did a lot of research on blogging. I started subscribing to many different blogs on social media marketing. There are a lot of so-called experts out there.  They all have something different to say and a different point of view on what works and what doesn’t. The one prevailing theme is don’t be boring. That is a tall order! We try… but it doesn’t always work. One person’s boring is another person’s thrill ride.

As Sara always says… “No boring stuff here!” So help us help you. What do you want to learn about? What would you like to see us cover in future posts on Financial Strategies for Life?

Here’s a question for you… What is your favorite technology tool and how do you use it in your life?   Connect with us…What can we do better?… Let us hear from you.

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