Nuts, Nuts, Lets Go Crazy For Nuts!!!

nut_splashDid you know there is a national Nut Day? The U.S. and the U.K. celebrate national nut day on October 22 every year. What is your favorite nut?

All nuts are celebrated this day!! From pecan sallies to Hershey’s almond bar there are enough choices to go around. Go nuts celebrating nuts. How funny does that sound?

Besides, nuts being so tasty we know them to have lots of protein and to be a good source of nutrition.

The protein in nuts helps keep our mind and body strong. Our Finances drive us nuts sometimes! Once we have a financial plan the nutty aspects of our finances become a smooth spread. We want our money management to be smooth rather than crunchy.

Finding the Bright Side of life and finances, even if you feel nutty, is a smart Financial Strategy For Life!


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About Sara Seasholtz

Sara Seasholtz, CFP®, was voted one of "50 Most Influential Women in Charlotte" by The Mecklenburg Times in 2011, and has assisted her clients with their financial planning needs for over 40 years. Have a financial question? ASK SARA!


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