Behavioral Finance: Home Country Bias

How does your home country bias relate to you as an investor?  Do you think it does at all? Find out in the behavioral finance video below from Franklin Templeton. Knowing how home country bias can influence you as an investor is an important Financial Strategy for Life!   International investing involves additional risks including risks associated […]

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financially fit 2

Get $ Fit Challenge- April 2016

April is Financial Literacy Month! This month is dedicated to helping you understand important concepts in the financial industry and see the big picture! Seeing the big picture is a bit like playing Monopoly. Here’s why: You have this allotted amount of money that you need to invest wisely (in real life you invest in […]

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Due Diligence My industry is very regulated.  Perhaps you knew this?  I believe the securities industry is the most regulated industry in this country.  The things we are mandated to do in order to be compliant leave those not familiar with the securities industry simply shaking their heads.  Ultimately, these requirements should benefit the investor […]

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Don’t Be Fooled!!!

What’s your RISK score? There are all types of risk in life. Certainly with investments, particularly your retirement plan, there are many types of risk to consider when reviewing performance, when the money will be needed, and the time frame you have both before needing to access funds and how long they will last once […]

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Get $ Fit Challenge March 2016

No more solicitations!! I hate JUNK mail and Solicitation calls!  Don’t you?  They are so intrusive and annoying! Recently we celebrated National Consumer Protection Week.  In addition to identity theft we are all exposed to the annoying solicitations coming by mail, email and phone.  Even our cell phones are spammed with calls now.  What can […]

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

 Happy St. Patty’s Day from us to you! Enjoy your green beer, food, and watch out for the leprechauns on the 17th!  – Sara, Joyce, Sara K.

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Rosey the Riveter

Women: We Rock The Financial World

I think the statement in the title line – Women: We Rock the Financial World is so accurate! Women have come a long way in the financial sector. I know this from observation and experience.  We are still making progress in what was traditionally an all male establishment.  The article referenced discusses studies showing why […]

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Borrowing Money Today and Its Effects On Your Tomorrow…

Today borrowing money is not something thought to be taboo like in the past! Borrowing money has become a common thing especially when it comes to making big purchases like cars or houses. The only after thought is, did I borrow wisely? Many people go in to borrow money without knowing all the facts. It is important […]

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To Everything There Is A Season……

Now that Football season has ended – the playing part anyway – we die-hard fans must try and focus on something else to fill the void left on Sunday’s.  Admittedly, this is difficult!  Let’s see…28 weekends till football season starts again!  I’m still declaring Friday’s Panther attire day. My son and I made the trip […]

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Fiancial Apps

5 Financial Apps To Share With Your Kids

I urge everyone to start teaching their children to be financially responsible while they are young.  I do this not just as a financial advisor, but also a mother. I have raised two millennials and believe they got lucky having parents in the financial world. In today’s financial world a huge focus on millennials is […]

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